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About Harry Griffin 

A life-long Charlestonian, Harry Griffin brings a passion for the city to his job as a Charleston City Councilman. He believes the City should be treating its residents as well as it treats its visitors.

As someone who is a home owner in the very neighborhood he grew up in - Shadowmoss - Harry has seen the neglect of the city administration on West Ashley in the past and is determined to ensure that every area and every neighborhood are cared for. And that neglect has left our drainage and roads in a bad situation, leaving Harry to deliver on overcoming generations of neglect.

Harry is driven by the work ethic he honed while at The Citadel, his alma mater. And now as a leader in the city's maritime industry, he handles logistics and shipping for a global company, while representing citizens on Charleston City Council.


"No one's gonna love every decision I make,
but as long as I put my district first, I'm making the right choice."
- Harry Griffin

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